Hi! I'm Erin Scott

Hi ! I'm Erin Scott

Whether you’re recently engaged, married, pregnant, having a baby, or documenting your family right now. I’m here for you! I’m based out of Wisconsin and Northern California but I’m a destination photographer and will travel ANYWHERE for a session. 

I want to capture your love whether it’s your love for yourself or someone else, I’m here to document that! 

I love building a connection with people I photograph! It really helps me to tell your authentic story. I want your family to look at your photos for generations to come and to get a feel for who you are and the love that you share.

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Wedding and Family Photographer  Available in Wisconsin and Worldwide Travel

My Life and My Loves

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My son surprised us with a cleft lip/palate and club foot 14 years ago. I had no time to prepare or process everything that was happening. Within a week of him being born, we were commuting an hour and half each way meeting with specialists to get a cast every week to help correct his club foot. We were told that at 3 months old he would have his first surgery. I panicked! I was a first time Mom trying to process all the changes that were happening and trying to grieve my loss of the birth and newborn stage I thought I would have. At the time, we couldn’t afford to have photos done of my son. Every penny we had was going to medical expenses and driving back and forth. I honestly regret that so much, and that’s why I offer payment plans! However, I knew I needed pictures of him before his face changed forever. I knew I could afford a credit card payment (yes, I know this was a bad idea but I wasn’t thinking rational! Have you dealt with postpartum hormones before?), so I financed the best camera they had! It was a Nikon DSLR, and I had NO idea how to use it! Being the determined person that I am, I learned and I documented his every move and every expression he made. It was not only a stress relief for me, but it was a way to heal everything I was dealing with. When I picked up a camera I felt calm but also energized. Even after 14 years, I still feel this each and every time I photograph someone. I love it, and that’s why I made it my career. 

This is my story

I’ve been married for 16 years to the most amazing man! I could gush on and on about him! After being together for 20 years, I’m still head over heels in love with him! Together we have 3 amazing kids! They bring me life, inspiration, and so much joy….even on the days they are driving me crazy. Ha ha


My Favorite Things

I’m seriously obsessed with traveling the world and trying new things. The way to my heart is bringing me to a new restaurant (total foodie here), new city, new country, new attraction, new hiking spot, or really anywhere NEW. Did you get the theme? I love NEW to me places. My absolute favorite thing is traveling for a photoshoot or wedding. 


My Favorite Things

You will find me going to many musicals throughout the year. We have season tickets to the Broadway musicals that come to Milwaukee. My favorite musical of all time is “In the Heights” by the amazing Lin-Manuel Miranda. Obviously I love him because I’m equally obsessed with Hamilton!


My Favorite Things

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